Rack ‘Em Up!

We install overhead racks in Austin, Texas

For 15 years, Black Diamond Innovations has built better garages in the Austin, Texas area for customers with a variety of needs. Whether you have an equipment-heavy hobby like woodworking or you simply have a growing family that needs a lot of space, we can help you organize so you can maintain order from the floor to the ceiling.

Attacking With Racking in Austin, Texas

Many homeowners end up with an overwhelming amount of garage-stored clutter. Black Diamond Innovations will help you attack that clutter with useful, durable overhead racks that will free up floor space.

Available in sizes 4 ft. x 4 ft. or 4 ft. x 8 ft., overhead racks allow for storage of bulkier items that are too big to fit into cabinets or elsewhere. And because the overhead racking is retractable, you’ll only use it when you need it.

We offer:

• Overhead racking in two useful sizes
• Professional garage storage skills
• 15 years of experience

Why wait to organize with overhead racks in Austin, Texas? Get in touch with Black Diamond Innovations today to schedule a free overhead racking consultation!

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